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Posted: Nov 11, 2010 By Administrator

If your thinking about signing up with us, then you've already got the right idea in your head. There are many advantages of signing up with bloggvertise and the first one is simple.

1) Make money blogging!

Once you sign up with bloggvertise you'll be entered into our database and will start receiving tasks. From there all you have to do is write a simple blog post about what we send you and viola, you've just made money.

2) You will get FREE do-follow backlinks to each and every one of your blogs.

If your looking for link building and ways to increase traffic to your site then this is a must for all you bloggers out there. You will receive do-follow backlinks when people search for your type of blog and also on your profile page. That's more than just 1!

3) You can search other blogs, write comments on blogs, and rate other member blogs.

This will help establish you in the blogging community and show others that you are an active blogger.

Social networking is currently the largest online network and everyone is doing it. If your looking to get ahead of others and create a name for yourself across the web, then this is a must. We are here to help you grow and expand as much as possible but your first step is to signup. It's completely FREE! What more do you need to know.

Feel free to leave us comments at any time. We look forward to reading them!


1. Posted By Sun Oct 30, 2011 1:18pm EDT

Where do I go to search other blogs? I am still fairly new to this and am still a mouse in the maze. I would love to be seen as an active blogger and would definitely love feed back on how my blogs could be better.

Use the search box in the upper right hand corner of our site to search through our list of blogs. You should comment on other members blogs and leave them a thumbs up or down depending on how you feel. Feedback from others is the best way to see how other people view your site.

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