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Importance of Staying Active on Bloggvertise

Posted: Jun 20, 2012 By Administrator

We would like to encourage all you bloggers out there to stay active on our site after signing up. What does that mean? Well, why not check out some of our other members blogs, leave comments on them, like/dislike, and so on. Our website is constantly growing daily and the number of members (bloggers and advertisers) is rapidly increasing.

By staying active yourself you will get others to check out your blog and intern create more traffic to your website. I'm guessing that's why a lot of you are on here in the first place. Everyone want's more traffic and wants their site to be seen. The only way that can ever happen is with the help of the community and others.

If your interested in creating more traffic to your blog, below are a few tips to help get on your way.

1) Leave comments on other members blogs throughout bloggvertise.
2) Use twitter, facebook, and other social media sites to generate traffic to your profile page with us.
3) Try and keep your blog up to date by posting on a regular basis.
4) Create multiple blogs for you niche site and submit them to search engines and directories (google, bing, yahoo).
5) Last but not least, remember to blog about us!

Feel free to leave us your comments and feedback. If we like your blog, we may just feature it on our home page for the world to see! If you blog about us you'll surely get bonus points! Let us know by using the contact page and in the subject line put "feature me"


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