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Blogger Rules

  • You must have a blog setup with written content in order to use the service. We currently do not provide any blog hosting. Check our list of free blog services, for blog service sites.
  • Bloggvertise Administrators may or may not approve your account or blog entry for any reason, and is sole discretion of the Administrator.
  • Bloggvertise Administrators may terminate your account at any time for any reason and is the sole discretion of the Administrator.
  • You will be assigned tasks by the Administrator to write about in your blog. Within your entry you must include 3 links to the website url in your blog. You do not have to endorse the advertiser's products or services, but nothing negative can be posted about our advertisers. You can relate to in your own life, review the site, or compliment, it is entirely up to you. If you have not used the advertisers product or service, you can just describe what they do or make.
  • Each blog post should have at least 100 words or more for blog entry approval.
  • The task/entry must be completed within 1 week of being emailed to you.
  • Bloggvertise Administrators may withhold or cancel payment to a users account and is sole discretion of bloggvertise.

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